Care & Restoration

Wooden Wallet RestorationYour wooden wallet is beautifully crafted from a natural material, which means with use and over time it may lose some of its original lustre.


               A lthough these exotic woods are very robust and hard wearing over time they may become warn and marked. Accidental damage such as staining and scratching can also occur. Whilst some people consider this natural weathering as giving their wallet character for those that prefer the original pristine condition The Wooden Wallet Company provides a wallet restoration service to remedy most problems or damage your wallet may have sustained.


We can remove any damage by hand sanding and polishing out blemishes and scratches. This simple process will restore 90% of wallets to their original beauty and we’ll provide paperwork as proof of all restoration work undertaken.

As a natural product your wallet may suffer from accidental damage and in the event it comes into contact with liquids that are likely to stain or corrode the surface, simply wipe clean immediately with a dry cloth. Do not use water to wipe off stains or marks. We recommend that you do not allow your Card holder to get wet or leave your wallet in damp or cold areas as this can cause cracking and the grain to lift. Only dry your wallet with a non-abrasive cloth and always avoid detergents and strong cleaning agents. Also take care not to over fill your wallet as excessive force could cause the sides to split. If you have any queries regarding this please contact us at

The restoration cost is £35.00 which includes returned signed postage. Simply purchase the care and maintenance package from our product page and send your wallet to the address below, quoting your wallets unique number.


Mark Antony Ltd, Hills Barn, The Mount, Rusper, West Sussex, RH124RN.