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Bog Oak Wooden Wallet (Dark)


A beautiful wooden wallet that is hand crafted from a single piece of English Bog Oak. The exotic nature of the wood and variations in the grain means each wallet is completely unique and the finished product is a result of many hours of work by a skilled craftsman. Your wallet will include its own serial number and can be inscribed with your name to make it a personal possession to cherish.

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Wallet dimensions: 63mm x 105mm x 18mm

This may vary slightly during the manufacturing process

Every wallet includes:

  • Your name engraved on the base (up to 16 characters)
  • A bespoke spring to ensure contents stay securely in place
  • Space for 9 credit cards or 18 average size business cards
  • A high quality presentation box with shavings from when the wallet was made
  • Supporting paperwork with unique number as provenance of ownership


Product Description

Bog Oak (Quercus Robur) Wooden Wallet

Bog Oak is created by being buried in ‘peat bog’ for thousands of years. Oxygen deprivation prevents natural decay whereas iron salts and other minerals found in the peat react with the tannins to darken the wood. This wallet is made from 5300 year old trees found in Haddenham Fen. A group of 50 trees were found believed to be a primeval forest that stood at the end of the last Ice Age. During the nineteenth century bog oak was used to make unique articles including jewelry.

Every Bog Oak wallet is completely hand made and no mass production techniques are used. Our skilled craftsmen work and sand each wallet by hand and the results are beautiful wooden wallets that are completely unique. The option to engrave them with up to 16 characters adds further personalisation as does the unique number assigned to each wallet.

Each wooden wallet includes a custom made flat spring that cleverly holds the contents in place and allows easy removal for use. With this in place your wallet will comfortably hold 9 credit cards or 18 average size and thickness business cards.

Your wallet will be presented in a high quality box that contains the shavings from the carving process from when it was manufactured. Supporting paperwork includes the unique number assigned to your wallet, further adding to its uniqueness and personal appeal.

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