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Lignum Vitae Wallet


A beautiful wooden wallet that is hand crafted from a single piece of Lignum Vitae. The exotic nature of the wood and variations in the grain means each wallet is completely unique and the finished product is a result of many hours of work by a skilled craftsman. Your wallet will include its own serial number and can be inscribed with your name to make it a personal possession to cherish.

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Wallet dimensions: 63mm x 105mm x 18mm

This may vary slightly during the manufacturing process


Every wallet includes:

  • Your name engraved on the base (up to 16 characters)
  • A bespoke spring to ensure contents stay securely in place
  • Space for 9 credit cards or 18 average size business cards
  • A high quality presentation box to hold your wallet
  • Supporting paperwork with unique number as provenance of ownership


Product Description

Lignum Vitae (Guaiacum) Wooden Wallet

Lignum vitae is Latin for “wood of life” and derives its name from its medicinal qualities. The resin has been used to treat a variety of medical conditions from coughs to arthritis, and chips of the wood can also be used to brew a tea. The trees are native to the Caribbean and parts of North America and the flower of the tree is the National Flower of Jamaica. It is widely recognised as the heaviest and hardest wood in the world and has such unusual properties that the USS Nautilus, the world’s first nuclear-powered submarine, has its aft main shaft strut bearings made out of the wood. In addition to its strength and durability it is water and salt-water-resistant and has natural oils that make the bearings self-lubricating. It is also widely used as propeller shaft bearings in conventional ships. Hydroelectric plants dating back to the 1920s have used it for bearings in their turbines. Its other uses include police truncheons, lawn bowls, tool handles, mallet heads, bearings, pulley wheels and turned objects. It is an endangered species, heavily protected and with limited availability hence it is an expensive wood. Lignum vitae is difficult to work with but has a quality finish and its unique olive green colour and delicate feathered grain pattern adds to its aura. It is a truly remarkable wood.

Every Lignum Vitae wallet is completely hand made and no mass production techniques are used. Our skilled craftsmen work and sand each wallet by hand and the results are beautiful wooden wallets that are completely unique. The option to engrave them with up to 16 characters adds further personalisation as does the unique number assigned to each wallet.

Each wooden wallet includes a custom made flat spring that cleverly holds the contents in place and allows easy removal for use. With this in place your wallet will comfortably hold 9 credit cards or 18 average size and thickness business cards.

Your wallet will be presented in a high quality box with supporting paperwork which includes the unique number assigned to your wallet, further adding to its uniqueness and personal appeal.


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